Thursday, 15 November 2018

Quick Link for Boom Card practice

Each week, I assign a new deck of Boom cards for the students to practice the sound of the week at home. I have added a quick link to the website on the right hand page of the home page of the blog. Once there click on student login and input the information at the front of the homework duotang.

Wednesday, 7 November 2018

French Prayers

During the week of November 19-23, the grade 1s in Mrs. Hodgins/Mme Pharoah's class will be saying the morning prayer on the announcements. We have been practicing the French prayers for several weeks in class. I have recorded the complete prayers for each day and put the videos under the Prayers tab on the home page of the Grade 1 blog, as well, the prayer has been pasted in your child's agenda this week. Please practice the prayers with your child at home so that they are comfortable and fluent for their prayer day.

Tuesday, 16 October 2018

New addition to the French Homework

Dear Parents/Guardians,

This week I have added a new component to the homework program. It is called Boom
Learning and it consists of word work games that students can play at home.

As we add new vocabulary/sounds in French language, I will assign games that students
can login to at home to practice. A speaker or headphones is required to use the game.
Use of the site will greatly help your child to consolidate what they have learned at school
and build their French vocabulary base.

I have glued your child’s individual login information inside the front cover of his/her French
homework duotang if it was returned to school this week.

To login to the site, go to When you are on the site, use the User name
and password to login to your child’s account. You will see the various games listed.
Just click on the game they want to play. When the game is over they can either choose to
play again or go back to the assignment folder to choose a new game.

Please see the longer explanation in your child's duotang.

Mme Pharoah

Sunday, 16 September 2018


Welcome to Mme Pharoah's French Blog for grade one!

On the right hand side you will see different categories with links to songs, videos, games and more. If there is news, such as homework or an upcoming project that requires materials to be sent from home, I will post it here. To receive these posts by email, please enter your email address in the Follow by Email box on the right. You will have to check the blog directly for songs, games and other things that are posted on the right hand side bar.

I look forward to sharing in your child's French learning this year!